Five Ways to Choose Plastic Storage Drawers

Five Ways to Choose Plastic Storage Drawers

We’ve all experienced organizing and cleaning up our home. One downside that comes with tidying your home is that you will always end up with a pile of belongings and items you would need to go through and declutter, which ones would you prefer keeping and which ones can be .

It is never an easy task to organize your home and your belongings. You would need to give everything its own space so that you know where something belongs, and that you are likely to put the belonging back to its original place once you are done cleaning up.

The best way to declutter and sort through your belongings is to use plastic storage drawers. There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to buying plastic storage drawers. Which is why today we will be looking into some tips to help you choose the perfect plastic storage drawer cabinet that works best for you.

1.Is the Plastic Drawer Airtight?

If you’re storing your belongings for a long time, you’ll want to make sure that your belongings are properly protected from any source of moisture, insects, and direct light. Plastic bags and cardboard boxes are cheap and relatively easy to source, but they aren’t suitable for long term storage. Not to mention, plastic bags and cardboard boxes will degrade after several uses, which means you would need to frequently replace them.

Airtight plastic storage drawers are generally an affordable investment, as they ensure your belongings are safely protected and will come out looking the same as they did when you store them away. You should also check for plastic storage drawers that have latching lids with rubber seals to make sure that your plastic drawer cabinets are 100% airtight.

2. Clear or Coloured

If you are planning to store various seasonal items in one area, it would be easy to colour coordinate and label your plastic storage drawers. For instance, you can opt for green or red plastic storage containers to store Christmas related belongings, and another color plastic storage container to store everyday household items. Being diligent and having labelled plastic storage containers helps you to identify your belongings easier when you need to find something.

If you are storing your belongings in a dark area, you should opt for clear plastic storage drawers as you can easily see what items are inside. If you store your plastic storage container near places with natural sunlight, the direct sunlight can cause your clear plastic storage containers to fade.

3. Material and Quality

Many high quality storage drawers today come with diverse designs and sturdy materials, such as plastic storage drawers, sheet metal storage drawers, and even wooden storage containers. Plastic storage drawers cabinets are an excellent choice as they are often airtight and durable, perfect for long term storage.

4. The Size

The size of your plastic storage drawer will certainly affect the space of your home. Therefore, you should carefully measure the amount of space available with a measuring tape to make sure your plastic storage drawer does not take up too much space. You should also take note of any awkward corners that might prevent your plastic storage container from fitting snugly.

5. What will You be Storing?
You should consider how big or small are the items you want to store inside your plastic storage drawers. The size of your items should be taken into account so that you can find the perfect and most plastic storage drawer that matches your needs.


Overall, there are several important factors you should always remember when choosing a plastic storage drawer cabinet that is practical and perfect for you. If you are looking for a plastic storage drawer cabinet manufacturer or a plastic food container supplier in Malaysia, Xtrasim Marketing Sdn Bhd offers a wide range of high quality and practical plastic products that will surely cater your needs.