Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in a Reusable Water Bottle

Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in a Reusable Water Bottle

Water Tumblers, or sometimes known as reusable water bottles, are containers that store water to drink by the user later on. The primary function of a water tumbler is to store beverages to be transported and drank by the user. Reusable water bottles come in a variety of materials, water tumblers can be made up of plastic, steel and even metal. Water tumblers come in many different shapes, colours and sizes. 

Reusable water bottles can be made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), copolyester, or polypropylene. All these plastic ingredients have its own advantages for producing water tumbler bottles due to its durability, lightweight, dishwasher safe and free of BPA. Each material for manufacturing reusable water bottles has its own special features and uses varying on the material used to produce it. 

Due to the growing shortcomings of bottled waters reported on news and online, this has shifted to the newgrown popularity of reusable water bottles over recent years. Reusable water bottles are more environmentally friendly and they save money as compared to purchasing water bottles and throwing them away after one use. 

Here are some reasons of why you should consider investing in a reusable water bottle: –


1. Using reusable water bottles is a Healthier Choice

  • Single-use plastic bottles often contain several toxins which are commonly known as BPAs that are health hazardous.
  • When purchasing a reusable water bottle, one must make sure that it is BPA free to prevent any accidental consumption of chemicals. 
  • Most reusable water bottles are made from BPA plastics, therefore, this will be more assuring to the consumer about their health 
  • Having a reusable water bottle with you at all times makes a difference if you are someone who forgets to hydrate yourself on a regular routine.
  • You can take water tumbler anywhere with you while staying hydrated
  • A reusable water bottle helps to remind you to keep drinking and you will be able to see how much water you have drunk, it is a wake-up call if you don’t stay hydrated all the time.
  • A reusable water bottle can store any beverages you want: fruit juice, iced tea, coffee, even sometimes wine. You can carry your reusable water bottle around you at all times, and still be able to take a sip of a drink.


2. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment

  • A million single-use plastic bottles are bought all around the world every 60 seconds.
  • What is more shocking is that this number is expected to increase by about 20% by the year 2021.
  • By reusing water tumblers, one can reduce the amount of 256 single-used plastic bottles per year.
  • Reducing the waste of single-waste plastic bottles, therefore by buying a water tumbler, you can also make an effort at saving the environment and making the world a better place
  • Similarly to how one would bring their own grocery bags when they go shopping, by bringing a water tumbler with you wherever you go, it shows that you care about the environment and you are being eco-friendly
  • By using a reusable water bottle, it will lower the amounts of waste disposed in landfills
  • Investing in a reusable water bottle also reduces and eliminates harmful chemicals
  • By using reusable water bottles, you are reducing the chances of single-use plastic bottles from being thrown into the natural environment, this helps to protect animals and their natural habitats 
  • Reusable water bottles are still recyclable after when the current water tumblers turn old and are no longer in use. 


3. Reusable water bottles are aesthetically pleasing to look at

  • Reusable water bottles typically come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as coming in different colourful and attractive designs
  • By carrying and using a reusable water bottle, it shows that you care about the environment and that you are a smart consumer.
  • The reusable nature of a reusable water bottle shows that water tumblers can last around your side longer than using a single-used plastic bottle
  • You can also decorate your reusable water bottle, this enhances the appearance of yourself and your water tumbler.
  • By taking good care of your reusable water bottle, this grants you that one can reuse and keep it around for a long time.


4. Reusable water bottles has its own benefits in industrial sectors

  • By promoting the use of reusable water bottles, a company can grow through continuous promotions and create brand awareness to its target audience
  • This will help companies to grow and saves money
  • According to a study, about 53% of the customers are found to be using promotional items once a week
  • About 85% of customers would make a purchase after receiving the promotional items 
  • This will result in a fivefold increase of customer referrals after giving out the promotional products to its customers


5. Reusable water bottles can be cleaned and reused

  • Reusable water bottles are dishwasher-friendly
  • They can be washed by hands as well as by dishwashers
  • One might be able to extend the shelf life of a reusable water bottle if you clean your water tumbler thoroughly 
  • One can save money by continuing reusing their reusable water bottles if they keep the water tumbler in good condition.


In conclusion, a reusable water bottle may be a bit costly sometimes but they can last you for a long time as well as helps you save money as compared to buying a single-used bottled water that you would just dispose of after using it once. A reusable water bottle is generally cost efficient and affordable, therefore it’s an eco-friendly way to save the earth and keep yourself hydrated.